Our Family History


The aim of this website is to allow information to be exchanged between us about our mutual family history - primarily relatives and ancestors with these last names: Kohler, Hall, Webb, Davies, Lamnea, Lilley, Dark.


So far (30 November 2013) a hardcopy family tree has been produced for the Kohler and Davies branches:


Information about people in the Kohler-Davies tree which could not be included in the hardcopy tree itself for space reasons:

-    Jules Kohler

-    The following people, collected together: Albert Kohler, Albert Sidney Kohler, Brinley (Brynley) Howell "Bryn" Davies, Charles Ernest Kohler, David Morgan, Elizabeth "Betty" Davies, Ellen Agnes "Nellie" Lamnea, Emile Kohler, Emlyn Davies, François (Franz) Joseph Kohler, Frédéric Guillaume "William" Kohler, Georges Heinrich Gothié, Guillaume (Wilhelm) Loeffler, Guillaume Kohler, Heinrich (Henri) (Henry) Veith, Jacques (Jacob) Loeffler (#1), Jacques (Johan Jacob) Loeffler (Lofler), Jennet Morgan, Joan Davies, John Davies (#2), Joseph Kohler (#1), Katherine Haushalter, Louis Joseph Kohler, Louise "Tante Louise" Kohler, Madeleine (Magdalena) Heinrich, Margaretha (Marguerite) (Marie Magdalena) Stieg, Marie ____?, Nini Kohler, Nini Bernard, Salomé (Salomea) Gothié (Gottie) (Gotzie), Sophie (Sophia Elizabeta) Streuber (Streiber).

-    Birth, marriage and death certificates

Another individual who is not in the Kohler-Davies:

-    Giovani Lamnea


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if any of this information is inaccurate, incomplete, confusing,  contradictory. I want to know about links that don’t work, spelling and grammar errors, French characters that don’t display properly, etc. I want to make this information as complete and accurate as possible. So please email me with your comments, no matter how minor or unimportant you may think they are.


Many thanks,

David Kohler