Our Family History

The aim of this website is to allow information to be exchanged between us about our mutual family history - primarily relatives and ancestors with these last names: Kohler, Hall, Webb, Davies, Lamnea and Lilley.

So far, the following hardcopy family trees have been produced in the form of PDF files (click the link to open the corresponding PDF file) :


# of pages

Last updated

Shows the ancestors and descendants of -

Kohler & Davies


27 Dec, 2020

-   my father’s father Jules Kohler and my mother Joan Davies

Lamnea & Lilley


26 Dec, 2020

-   my father’s mother, Ellen Lamnea, and her parents Giovani Lamnea and Rovenner Lilley

Hall & Webb


3 Dec, 2020

-   my late wife Delphine Hall and her parents Reginald Hall & Gladys Webb

Louisiana Kohlers


22 Dec, 2020

-   Frédéric Guillaume "William" Kohler and Charles Ernest Kohler - two brothers of my grandfather who settled in Louisiana


Each tree is several pages wide, so examining it online can be a bit tedious. We recommend, therefore, that you create a hard-copy version of the tree, as follows :

1.   Open and print the PDF file.

2.   Trim the left-hand of page 2.

3.   Overlay page 2 on top of page 1 so that the connectors line up.

4.   Using transparent tape (like Scotch tape) attach page 2 to page 1 on the front and back sides, from the top edge to the bottom edge.

5.   Repeat for pages 3, 4, etc.

6.   Store the roll in a 2" x 12" mailing tube with caps, like this.

There isn’t enough room in these trees to show all of the information I’ve collected. This is especially true for my grandfather Jules Kohler and my great grandfather Giovani “John” Lamnea.

The following is a list of the individuals for whom there is additional information that could not be included in the hardcopy family trees. You can read the additional information about an individual by simply clicking on his/her name.


Phil Bennetts


Nini Bernard


Lee Roy Anthony Carricut


Felix Thornley Cobbold


Brian Daniel Coffey


David Cook, Eliza Cook


Maria Cordaroy


Judy Davey


Brinley Howell Davies, Joan Davies, John Davies


Mary Ann Finch


Salome Gothie


Anita Jane Guillot, Roy Guillot Jr


Alice Elizabeth Hall, Brian Reginald Hall, Delphine Hall, Fred Hall, Reginald William Hall, Rhona Hall, Richard Anthony Hall, Roger Frederick Edgson Hall, Ruby Gladys Hall, Septimus Hall, Valerie Marguerite Hall


William Glyn Jenkins


Albert Kohler, Albert Sidney Kohler, Annette Anne Kohler, Caroline Anna Kohler, Charles Ernest Kohler, David Anthony Kohler, Emile Kohler, Francois Joseph Kohler, Frederic Guillaume William Kohler, Guillaume Kohler, Haley Eustis Kohler, Jane Anita Kohler, Jeanne Marie Louise Kohler, Joan Lorna Jeannette Kohler, Joseph Kohler, Jules Kohler, Louis Joseph Kohler, Louise Tante Louise Kohler, Margaret Yvonne Kohler, Nini Kohler, Sydonie Odile Kohler


Albert David Lamnea, Arthur Lamnea, Cyril Lamnea, Dorothy May Lamnea, Edward Terrence Lamnea, Efstate Lamnea, Ellen Agnes Nellie Lamnea, Frederick Lamnea, George Lamnea, Giovani James Jack Lamnea, Giovani John Lamnea, Helen Irene Rene Lamnea, John Jack Lamnea, Kenneth Denzil Lamnea, Lily Ninnie Lamnea, Lord William Brian Bill Lamnea, Margaret Roviner Lamnea, Marie Cynthia Lamnea, Winifred Rovena Lamnea


James Webster Lilley


Guillaume Wilhelm Loeffler, Jacques Loeffler


Alice Marshall, Elizabeth Marshall


Jennet Morgan


Peter Richard Seldon


Sophie Streuber


Agnes Webb, Albert Edward Webb, Edward Teddy Webb, Florence Webb, Gladys Vera Webb


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if any of this information is inaccurate, incomplete, confusing, contradictory. I want to know about links that don’t work, spelling and grammar errors, French characters that don’t display properly, etc. I want to make this information as complete and accurate as possible. So please email me with your comments, no matter how minor or unimportant you may think they are.

Many thanks,

David Kohler, dkohler@sfsu.edu