Translation and Discussion of List in Portuguese, 1 April 1899


This document was translated by Maria Fremlin, She is a lecturer in South American Studies at the University of Essex.


First paragraph with original punctuation and line breaks:

Ao Cidadão. Tenente 

Emygdio Comandante

da Estação de Villa Isabel
Faço-vos apresentar a relação

do camo do soldado nº  362  que

foi transferido desta Estação

para esso a saber


First paragraph with corrected punctuation and line breaks:

Ao Cidadão Tenente Emygdio,

Comandante da Estação de Villa Isabel.
Faço-vos apresentar a relação

do cama do soldado nº  362 que

foi transferido desta Estação,

para esso a saber.


Complete translation:

To the Citizen Lieutenant Emygdio,

Commander of the Villa Isabel Station.
Hereby, I present you with the list
of belongings of the soldier no. 362 who
has been transferred from this Station,
for that to be known.
1 rush mat
1 blanket
2 pillows
1 bed sheet
1 mattress
1 dark-grey uniform
1 pair of trousers idem
1 uniform
1 double-breasted coat
2 under-drawers
2 white shirts
3 shirt-collars
5 handkerchiefs
1 pair of shirt-cuffs
1 box with bit-and-pieces
3 pairs of socks
2 ties
1 pair of old high lace boots
on 1st of April 1899


Maria Fremlin’s sister alertly discovered that Vila (not Villa) Isabel is the name of a Fire Station in Rio de Janeiro, which was founded in 1892. In Brazil the fire service has been organized as part of the military since earliest days. Firemen are called military firemen (bombeiros militares) or soldiers in Brazil. You can find information about this fire station by searching for “Grupamento de Bombeiros Militar de Vila Isabel” on the Internet. Google can translate the website automatically. This gives the history of the Brazilian Fire Service with old pictures of firemen in action, a picture of the current Vila Isabel Station, and address and telephone information.


Its address is:

Grupamento de Bombeiros Miltar (GBM) de Vila Isabel (Vila Isabel Fire Station),

Rua Oito de Dezembro 456 (456 Eighth of December Street),

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil