John Davies (#2)

Born in Pentre Engine, Llansamlet Lower, Glam. He was married in Salem Cwm Chapel. His father was second-to-last of a family of 8-10. His eye was injured in a smelter works and the lids were stuck together and to the eyeball. He was a very shy man and very sensitive about his eye. Occupations : tin plate washman (marriage and birth of Emlyn), colliery bankman (birth Elizabeth). Then he became the caretaker at Dynefor Secondary School next door to their house at 5 Pell Street, Swansea (this is the house alone and also with the school next door). The family moved to 35 Glanbrydan Av., Swansea about 1939 (presumably when he retired) – these photos show the front and the back of 35 Glanbrydan Av. The family appeared in the 1901 census. Here he is with his wife and friends.