SalomŽ (Salomea) GothiŽ (Gottie) (Gotzie)

In the 10-year indexes for the commune of Bischwiller 1792-1842 (microfilm 727372) the family name is consistently spelled Gottie for 1792-1802 (8 births including Salomea Gottie on 20 January 1792, a marriage, and several deaths) but is consistently spelled GothiŽ thereafter (including a marriage (obviously them) recorded like this: Francois Joseph Kohler & SalomŽ GothiŽ on 20 Mar 1821). In the birth certificate of her son Guillaume her maiden name looks like Gotzie, but on Louise's it is Gottie. Gotzie is a known name, perhaps synonymous with Goetz. So it seems that Gottie, Gothi? and Gotzie are different spellings of the her family name. I also came across these family names: GathiŽ, GuthiŽ, Goetz.