David Anthony Kohler

He was born in a cottage named "Bryn Siriol", in Cot Hill, Llanwern, Mon., Wales. The family then moved briefly to 1 Wilson Road, Warley, Birmingham, and then on to 4 Valmont Rd, Bramcote, Notts., England on 9 May 1938, when he was 2 (see the Notes on Albert Sidney Kohler to see who lived in Valmont_Rd then).  

He attended Bramcote Church of England Primary School from April 1941 to July 1947 (ages 5 – 11).

He attended Henry Mellish Grammar School, Highbury Vale, Bulwell, Notts from 10 Sept 1947 to June 1950 (ages 11 - 14). He had his first attack of toxoplasmosis and was in the Men's Medical Ward, Eye Infirmary, The Ropewalk, Nottingham June 16 - July 7, 1948.

In June 1950, when he was 14, the family moved from Valmont Rd to 2 Hillside Crescent, Stanstead Abbots, Herts. where he attended Hertford Grammar School from Sept 1950 to July 1955 (ages 14 – 19).

He won a State Scholarship to Cambridge University where he studied Natural Sciences, specializing in Genetics in the final third year. He was unhappy at Cambridge, mainly because he didn’t like the subjects he was taking and knew he would never use them in later life.

In the summer of 1958, after graduating from Cambridge, he spent an exciting three months in New York City. He stayed first at the William Sloane House YMCA at 356 W 34th St., then moved to a tiny apartment at 338 W 28th St. He worked at Liebs Printing Co. at 312 E 23rd St. which specialized in printing color images on large sheets of plastic. He performed a variety of mostly manual jobs there (but enjoyed it enormously).

He married Delphine Hall in 1961, his wife for 51 years, and they immediately set about seeing as much of the world as they could.

He got a Ph.D. in Operations Research (Industrial Engineering) at the University of California (Berkeley) in 1968; he was much happier there than at Cambridge.

He had a variety of jobs within and outside academia, and lived at various times in the USA, Canada, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia. He became a US citizen on March 19, 1997 but retained his British citizenship.

His last job was at San Francisco State University; he retired as a Full Professor in 2006.

He invented a watch for Muslims (www.hillalwatch.com) and also designed an app for the Apple iPhone, called the Darts Assistant.

This is a photo of Widford Church, near Chelmsford where he and Delphine were married.

Here are some early photos of him: about two years old, as a boy, in the Henry Mellish school rugby team in 1950, and with his sisters when he graduated from Cambridge in 1958.