Emile Kohler

He moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina but we are not sure when. Possibly this immigration record could be him, in which case he entered Argentina on Boxing Day 1889. In the 1890's he owned a warehouse for medicines (Deposito de Drogas) at 2238 Calle Piedad (later re-named Calle Bartolome Mitre (there is now a Howard Johnson Hotel nearby at 2241 Bartolome Mitre Street.)) between Andes and Ombu Streets in the Balvanera district of Buenos Aires. This is a front view and a side view of what this address looks like today. We have one of his business cards on the back of which is a hand-written list of herbal medicines. According to the business card he specialized in liquors, wine and hats. His younger brother Jules (and possibly Jules' twin brother Albert) joined him around 1893.  According to Nini Bernard in Letter W (1931) he was married with no children. The following story has been handed down (we're not sure of its truth): Emile sent Albert to Mexico on a business trip with a lot of money; they never heard from Albert again; Emile was convinced that Albert had stolen the money but Jules believed Albert had been murdered; relations between Emile and Jules became strained and Jules left.  Our main contact with the Louisiana Kohlers was Lela Kohler who was married to Haley Eustis "Red" "Kay" Kohler. Haley’s grandfather was named Charles Ernest Kohler and he, Emile and Jules were full brothers. Haley’s father (named Eustis William Kohler and obviously a son of  Charles Ernest) gave Lela Kohler a different account of Emile: "Emile supposedly married a 'common woman' in Africa. He had money but apparently got it in a crooked way. Emile lived in Berlin during World War II." There is no evidence to support any of this.