Haley Eustis "Red" "Kay" Kohler

Was a Major in the 329th Infantry, US army in World War II. Participated in the D-Day landings in Normandy. Was captured by the Germans but escaped after three weeks.  On May 22, 1945 he requested a 5-day leave "to visit my aunt  Mrs. Bernard Kohler, Amillis, Terrie-et-Mana, Alsace Lorraine." Presumably, he meant Nini Bernard, Amillis, Seine-et-Marne. This is a postcard she wrote to him.

Baptized July 23, 1910 at Church of St. Francis de Sales, Echo (Roman Catholic). Baptismal certificate gives his name as "Eustis Halley Kohler", not "Haley Eustis Kohler" which was the name he used. He was named "Halley", then "Haley", because his birth and baptismal year, 1910, was the year of Halley's comet. He and Lela visited the UK in 1978 and met Lorna, Joan, Paul & Phil.

These is a picture of him in 1944, and in his uniform. This is his obituary notice. This is Haley and Lela’s early home and business lot in Lake Charles.