Margaret Yvonne Kohler

She was very bright at school and won a County Scholarship to Nottingham High School for Girls (there were only six of these). In 1950, when she was 11, the family moved to Stanstead Abbotts, Herts., where attended Ware Grammar School for Girls. While there she had several bouts of rheumatic fever and lost a lot of schooling.

She was a very talented artist, craftswoman and designer and won a place at St Martin's Art School but chose instead to go to St Alban's Art School. There she met Ken Jones whom she married when she was 21 years. They settled in Hertford and had two children, Bran and Hannah. She took various short film courses, was very interested in the work of Dirk Bogarde, and taught part-time.

The family then decided to go on a world tour. They got as far as Sicily where her marriage broke up. Ken returned to England and she settled in the town of Sutera in central Sicily with the two children. She won a national competition for collage and she and the children enjoyed the prize of a two-week cruise. She did occasional teaching, grew vegetables, and lived a very basic life.

In 1986 she married a second time – to Santi Sillitto – and they bought a beautiful property at Vallegrade. She became increasingly interested in Buddhism and spent each winter in India at the monastery of her root Buddha, Rimpoche. In her later years she suffered from dementia.

This is a picture of her with her sister Lorna when they were little girls.