Efstate  Lamnea

His name appears on his son Giovani's marriage certificate. “Efstate” is a highly unusual name. After quite an extensive Google and Yahoo search I have only found three people with that name and, intriguingly, they were all Romanian: an author called Efstate Sorentin, someone called Efstate Mircea who is listed on the website of Colegii Mi (which is apparently a Romanian college of some kind), and “Cristea (Efstate Burnuz) Cristinaö” who is listed at www.copsi.ro  (Colegiul Psihologilor din Romania).

"Efstate" is not a known Greek name.  It is possible that his name really was Eustathios, which is a Greek name and is pronounced Efstathios in modern Greek. Possibly, the marriage recorder missheard what Giovani said when he gave his father's name. Giovani's marriage certificate gives Efstate's profession as "Master Mariner". (A Master Mariner is someone who has taken exams and also served time at sea in various ranks to become qualified to be a ship's Master. It's possible to have a Master's certificate that entitles you to be Master on any ship in the world - Foreign-Going Master Mariner - or only in Coastal Waters - a Coastal Master Mariner. “Captain” is strictly-speaking a form of address (like Mr. or Dr.), not a profession.