Ellen Agnes "Nellie" Lamnea

Born in 30 Inkerman St, St Thomas, Swansea. Her first name is Ellen on her birth (1883) and baptism (1888) certificates but it is given as “Helen” on her son's birth certificate and Helene in the 1901 census but I'm sure these are mistakes by the transcriber (she said "Ellen" but he thought she said "Helen"). She married Jules Kohler in 1905, less than seven months before her son Albert was born.  She signed her son's marriage certificate "E.A. Davey" (she was remarried to Bob Davey then). She married Robert Davey 9 months after Jules Kohler died. Pages 43-45 of Derek Davies' book "Old Postcard Views of Swansea and Gower" show Walter Road. This would have been the route she would have taken in 1901 to go into town, and probably to go home to see the family, when she was working in The Grove.

Here she is at her son Albert’s wedding in 1933.