Frederick "Fred" Lamnea

 Very active Freemason. Great physique for his age (here he is at the age of 20 in 1954). He badly injured his spine when throwing the shot in an Army athletics event, and was in constant pain the rest of his life. He left the army in 1957. Joined a steel company for 4 years. Trained apprentices at Metal Boc Co until 1964. Then went into the civil service as a training officer. Then went to Gorseinon and Swansea colleges. In 1973 he left the civil service and went into partnership building industrial buildings and steel construction (ducting, tanks). In 1981he started a partnership with another engineering company. Son Andrew worked there too. He retired in 1998.

Here are pictures of him alone and with his wife Joyce in 2003. Here he is with his sister Eileen and both of them with their brother Ken. See Giovani James Lamnea for other pictures.