George Lamnea

Was a gymnast in traveling fairs and in music halls. After that he worked as a rigger , with sons Gerald and Billy, putting up steel buildings. A girder fell on his back. He was 3 years in hospital and another 18 months in plaster. His mother Rovener died while this was happening. He was very fond of his nephew Albert (Ellen's son) and vice versa. Albert made a cats whisker radio set for George.

His medal card for World War I is in the National Archives and can be downloaded ( and search for "LAMNEA"); it shows he served first as a Private in the Welsh Regiment (Regiment No. 1203) and then as a Lance Corporal in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers (Regiment No. 47301). Here he is in uniform sitting, standing alone and with his father.

Lived at 24 Mysydd, Landore