Giovani "Giovanni" James "Jack" Lamnea

Born at 18 Jersey St, St John, Swansea. He was immensely strong, 6' 2" tall, and with a magnificent physique which is shown in these poses: front, front closeup, back,  side, neck here and here, and as a boxer. And here he is raising Jackie and Eileen.

He joined the Royal Naval Reserve (official # s8809) on 2 Nov 1915 when he was 27, served as a stoker until invalided from the Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth on 5 Nov 1917 when he was 29. During this period he fought in the Battle of Jutland (May 31-June1, 1916).

During his time in the RNR he served in the following HM ships: VIVID (Devonport) Nov 4-17,1915; LION 17 Nov 1915 - 15 Aug, 1917; VIVID 16 Aug 1917 - 5 Sep, 1917. He earned the following medals: 1914-1915 star, British War Medal. He was also issued a silver war badge (rn.14851) on 10 Sep, 1917 and a naval armlet no 66043 was forwarded to Swansea for issue under date 17 September 1917.

He was the boxing and wrestling champion of the RN fleet. He was torpedoed twice (once in Scapell Flow). Was chief stoker. He was commended for bravery for lifting many men to safety after the ship was struck. Given a memorial sword. He also played rugby for the Navy.

He was a big reader but developed cataracts which stopped him reading.

After the war he performed in circuses and fairgrounds with the stage name "Jack Lemm". His fairground show was called "The Whirl of Death". He earned good money but gave it away. Some of his children performed with him, including Jack, Dorothy, Rene and maybe Eileen. His nickname was Swansea Jack.

He and his family lived at 36 Nicander Parade, Mayhill, Swansea.

These are pictures of him and his wife Gladys: (a) when he was in the Navy, (b) on their Golden Wedding Anniversary the two of them, with his sons Arthur, Cyril, Fred, Ken and Terry, and those sons plus his daughters Dorothy and Rene. This a photo of six of his sons on the beach (Fred, Ken, Terry, Cyril, Arthur and Les).

He died of old age.