Albert Edward Webb

He was known as “Ted”.

Gladys Vera Webb told her children that she believed that her father, Albert Edward Webb, was actually fathered by a Cobbold and raised by James Edward and Mary Ann Webb as if he were their own child. Support for this idea comes from the fact that a painting of Felix Thornley Cobbold in Christchurch Mansion in Christchurch Park, Ipswich bears a strong resemblance to Glady Vera Hall's son Brian Reginald Hall. This is the only “evidence” I have been able to find to support Gladys’s claim. On Albert Edward Webb's birth certificate his father is given as "James Edward Webb".

These are photos of him and his wife,  him alone, and with his whole family on Nov 9, 1918.

The Webb family appeared on the 1881 census when he was 8, and the 1901 Census and the 1911 Census when he was the head of the household.

At the time his daughter Gladys was born, his occupation was given as "Striker (Foundry)", and this was also his occupation on the 1901 and 1911 censuses - see this closeup.

He died of a heart attack.